FRERA- Foundation for Research, Education and Recreation Aruba

The Foundation for Research, Education and Recreation (FRERA) was established in August 2013, in Aruba, with the following mission and vision:


Mission  To provide a national multifunctional center that supports Aruban communities, through innovations in research, education & recreation


Vision  Our vision is an Aruba in which every child is ensured a 21st Century, local- & global-readiness, world class education, in facilities & environments fostering healthy bodies, minds & souls.

Getting There Surely Project

This project  is a program  designed to-:


  • provide a ‘safety net’ for  youngsters who are slightly mentally challenged. 
  •  develop effective social and emotional learning skills that will help them to become more independent. 
  •  strengthen the self-esteem and self-reliance of these youngsters with disabilities.
  •  provide training, coaching and guidance in the following areas: schooling, living, working,.